Pacific Biocontrol Corporation (PBC) is a US company with corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. PBC was established in 1985. PBC develops and distributes pheromone products manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical Company, Ltd.  Shin-Etsu’s pheromone formulations are the most widely used in the world.  More crop acres are protected using Shin-Etsu pheromones than all other competitive products combined.

Pheromones are compounds emitted by insects to communicate with members of their species. PBC’s products (ISOMATE® product line) contain insect sex pheromones in controlled release formulations. The product’s active ingredients are synthetic copies of insect’s natural sex pheromone. PBC products are designed to provide effective and economical control of key agricultural pests through the disruption of mating behavior. When used in integrated pest management (IPM) programs, PBC formulations suppress populations of target pest while conserving beneficial species for conventional toxic pesticides and limit the development of pest resistance.

PBC sells its products through independent agricultural chemical distributors and dealers. Sales volumes have increased every year since 1991.

PBC’s mission is to increase the use of its mating disruption formulations by increasing efficacy and decreasing costs to the grower. This is accomplished through formulation improvement and gradual decrease in pest pressure. Towards this goal, PBC provides market, sales and technical support to distributors, dealers and growers.


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  In addition to registered products, PBC has several formulations under development. PBC cooperates with leading university, government and corporate researchers in the development of new formulations. Data are used to design new or improved formulations and to promote effective use of existing products.

MARKET DEVELOPMENT:  Product promotion through participation and presentations at grower and trade show meetings. Close contact with influential pest control advisors. Product advertisement in trade journals and direct mailings.

SALES SUPPORT: Sales programs for distributors and dealers designed to increase sales while providing the best technical support and effective use of pheromone products.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: PBC staff is composed predominantly of technically trained and experienced entomologists. Close contact is maintained throughout the year with dealer’s technical representatives and pest control advisors. PBC routinely monitors quality and performance of its formulations during the season by dispenser analyses and bioassay. PBC participates in technology demonstrations conducted by university and government researchers. We support use mating disruption in various IPM area wide programs.