For over 30 years, Pacific Biocontrol Corporation has been pioneering the efforts in manufacturing and improving pheromone based management systems throughout the world.


Pheromones are chemicals emitted by organisms that allow them to communicate between individuals of the same species. They serve a number of functions including finding the location of food sources, alarming others around them about potential dangers, and locating a potential mate.


ISOMATE pheromone dispensers allow growers to use the most advanced technology available to manage insect populations. These proven control methods, called mating disruption, uses the insect’s own communication system to its detriment. In the wild, female moths release a sex pheromone into the air to attract male moths. Male moths detect the pheromone “scent” and follow it upwind to locate and then mate with the females. In plantings treated with ISOMATE dispensers, the air is saturated with pheromone so the male moths cannot locate females and mating is suppressed. By suppressing mating, ISOMATE protects the crop from fruit infestation.

ISOMATE dispensers contain a synthetic pheromone that is similar to the natural pheromone of female moths. The dispensers are made of a porous plastic that slowly releases pheromone over a period of months. The release rate from a single ISOMATE C Plus dispenser is about 10,000 times higher than that of a female codling moth. When ISOMATE products are applied at the proper time and at the recommended rate per acre, mating is suppressed. The result is insect control with less pesticide. With repeated yearly use, ISOMATE products can greatly reduce the population density of insects in the orchard.


The primary objective of a pheromone based IPM program is to ensure the production of a high quality, pest-free crop using economically viable and ecologically sound methods of pest control with minimal use of insecticides. The reduction or elimination of insecticides for insect control will help preserve and increase beneficial insects and predatory mites thereby enhancing the biological control of secondary pests and further reducing the use of insecticides.


Monitoring in an ISOMATE treated crop is essential. Pheromones are not a stand alone approach to managing insect populations. Consult your local pest control advisor to determine if supplemental insecticides are required.

Do you have a questions about ISOMATE products or how they work? Please feel free to email us or call one of the members of our staff!